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All Fancy Dress reduce missed calls by 92% with a new communications system

All Fancy Dress Avaya phone systems case study

All Fancy Dress case study

The business challenge

All Fancy Dress handles large volumes of inbound calls from potential customers. The company relies on excellent customer service and high quality products to differentiate itself in a competitive industry. This focus on fast, reliable service led its customer base to grow rapidly.

But the increase placed too big a demand on their old communications system. Overloaded with the extra calls, the staff soon came under pressure and the quality of customer service quickly declined. Subsequently, the company lost business through unanswered calls.

An added challenge was the need for All Fancy Dress to flex their workforce. They realised that working remotely would be crucial to improving their service.

The business solution

After considering three different business proposals, All Fancy Dress chose a BT solution. This was due to their BT Local Business representative’s strong understanding of the company’s needs, and ability to demonstrate how a new system could support the introduction of remote working. Mark Heaton, Director at All Fancy Dress said: ‘Having BT on our doorstep was just like dealing with a local supplier. The local connection was a breath of fresh air.’

All Fancy Dress were also shown the advantages of consolidating their communications with one supplier and were quick to bring their lines back to BT, ‘We wanted this to work properly first time, so BT’s reputation for service and quality was ideal,’ Mark stated. ‘We also liked the idea of a one-stop-shop supplier with just one bill to pay.’


  Customers can communicate with us in whatever way they please and can rest assured their queries will be answered quickly and reliably. 

Mark Heaton, Director, All Fancy Dress


The business benefits

Enhanced customer service

All Fancy Dress’ ability to handle calls has improved significantly since installing the new system. The number of missed calls was reduced by 92%, from 100 to just 8 per month. With an average sales order of £35 and most callers making a purchase, this is worth around £40,000 per year to the business.

The business now benefits from having all messages linked to one inbox - whether faxes, emails or voicemails. They can now be clearly managed and responded to in the order they are received, improving customer service.

Improved productivity

The system has allowed the business to introduce remote working. Employees can connect to the main communications system from home via the internet, and receive calls as if they were in the office.  All Fancy Dress can now broaden their recruitment policy to select the best workers on the basis of their skills and experience, without being restricted by location. For instance, they are now able to hire busy mums who can work from home part-time.


  Remote working has allowed us to work a lot more smoothly, saving both time and money. I can now work from home without making the hour-long journey to the office, saving on fuel and gaining more time to run my business. 

Mark Heaton.



With call centre reporting, All Fancy Dress can predict busy and quiet times, plan their resource more efficiently and minimise waste. This is vital in an industry where demand is seasonal and allows the business to handle busier periods, such as Halloween, far more easily.

A new Avaya communications system was provided with Call Centre and unified communications functionality. All Fancy Dress also brought their calls and lines back to BT.

About All Fancy Dress

  • All Fancy Dress is an online retailer selling costumes and accessories throughout the UK
  • The company’s philosophy is to offer high quality products along with solid customer service
  • By offering same day dispatch on orders placed before 5.15pm, All Fancy Dress stays one step ahead of its competitors.


  • A growing customer base put strain on an existing communications system
  • BT supplied a new system which reduced missed calls by 92%
  • This allowed them to implement remote working and improve productivity.


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