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Fibre broadband helps picture manufacturer live up to its image

Superfast broadband helps JR Annett expand

JR Annett case study

The business challenge

Northern-Ireland based JR Annett was looking to expand its business to begin selling in the UK. However, they were still using a 4 Mbps internet connection which caused many problems and affected their efficiency, specifically their ability to promote their products online

Much of their business comes from their website, which relies heavily on them uploading new high-quality product images. However, each image was taking up to 40 seconds to upload. Videos were impossible to upload and product catalogues had to be reduced in size and quality before they could be emailed to customers, and even then they would take up to two hours to send.

The solution

In October 2010 they switched to BT Infinity superfast fibre broadband, enabling them to work more efficiently.

It includes Prioritised Business Service, which puts their traffic first, even at peak times, ensuring there’s no slowing down when they want to work fast.

  • Images now upload to their website instantly rather than taking up to 40 seconds
  • Videos can now be uploaded onto their website with ease, and they plan to feature a series of videos explaining the design process
  • Full-sized high-quality catalogues can now be emailed across to customers in five minutes instead of two hours.

More time saved, more business potential

Being able to send out catalogues and details of new products far more quickly, which provides a competitive advantage over competitors, is one example of how superfast broadband has already made a tremendously positive difference to JR Annett’s business. The company is poised to continue to save money, improve customer service and win more business.

About JR Annett

  • JR Annett has been manufacturing and selling pictures and mirrors since 1980
  • Based in Northern Ireland they now sell their products all over the UK
  • Also provide interior design, product development, branding, marketing and retail servicing


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