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Fibre broadband connection crucial for online business

BT Business Infinity case study - Kaamar Tiles

BT Infinity fibre broadband case study

For an internet retailer, a reliable internet connection is vital

The business challenge

  • To market a high value, very visual, totally bespoke product online, the site had to work smoothly with no hitches
  • They needed to be able to update the site quickly and efficiently to keep it fresh and interesting for their customers, encouraging them to browse and order their own designs
  • Customers shop visually so the site has to be capable of quickly displaying good quality images from a large gallery
  • Google shopping is a vital sales channel: Kaamar wanted reassurance its website would be up and running 24/7.

The solution - fibre broadband

BT Infinity Advance gives Kaamar:

  1. 8Mb upload speeds allowing high res photos to be uploaded in 30 seconds
  2. A rapid connection which makes the site quick to use, freeing up Kaamar’s time to give their customers a better experience, which is key to growing their business
  3. The reassurance of knowing that their site is up and running around the clock – and that if anything happens, BT’s guaranteed fix minimises downtime
  4. A reliable 24/7 presence so they can be on Google shopping, which brings them more visibility and reach to potential customers.

"When it comes to delivering lots of images, we need to be sure we can promote a website that can cope with more people. BT was by far the best value for money and we have the reassurance of fast upload speeds."

Keith Morrigan, Director, Kaamar Tiles.

More business potential

A reliable, fast, fibre service allows Kaamar to focus on giving customers a great end product without being distracted by broadband issues. They now have three times more visitors and sales are picking up. And the site is filling up with more amazing images to tempt new customers and open up opportunities.


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Fibre-optic broadband case study


About Kaamar

Kaamar is a new business with a new idea. Specialising in large mosaics that reproduce their customers' favourite pictures hand made from thousands of glass tiles, their mosaics are sold exclusively online.

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