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Curtains company cuts costs by 33% by consolidating with BT

MONTGOMERY adopts BT Business One Plan solution

MONTGOMERY - BT Business One Plan case study

The business challenge.

MONTGOMERY is the largest manufacturer and retailer of curtains in the UK. The company has 130 concessions in stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams where it sells directly to the public. Each concession has a telephone line and broadband connection. Katie McManaman, Head of IT says, “in order to place and update orders each concession needs to have fast and reliable access to our systems. They also need to be able to ring head office to check on the status of orders.” When Katie joined the company she reviewed MONTGOMERY’S communications bill and decided to consolidate services with one supplier in order to bring down costs. MONTGOMERY had their calls and lines and broadband with a number of suppliers, including BT.

The business solution.

BT was chosen to supply all 130 concessions with their calls and lines and broadband. For Katie, the decision was based on a number of factors. “Firstly, BT offered us the most competitive price. Secondly, our Board had total confidence in BT’s ability to deliver, particularly on the strength of its calls and lines and broadband network. We wanted a competitive price but not at the expense of customer service”.

The business benefits.

Since consolidating their communications with BT, MONTGOMERY has achieved savings of around 33%. Consolidation has also delivered benefits in other areas. Katie explained, “with one supplier, we only need to put one call in to get answers to our questions. We’ve also been able to build a strong relationship. Our BT account manager is on hand not only to answer any questions but also offer advice and introduce us to other BT specialists who can help”.


  Not only have we made a significant saving of 33% but we have also benefited from having free calls between each of our concessions back to our head office. With 130 concessions making calls on a daily basis, that’s also adding up to be a healthy saving. 

Katie McManaman, Head of IT, MONTGOMERY.


Working together to identify additional cost savings.

One example of this is with BT Billing Analyst. This software enables businesses to monitor their calls spend and can help pinpoint areas for future savings. “Our BT account manager introduced us to a Billing Analyst specialist. With their help and advice we were able to identify additional savings from putting more of our calls through the inclusive 0800 calls we get on our BT Business One Plan contract”, says Katie. Before consolidating with BT, Katie did have concerns around BT’s ability to respond quickly to service issues. “Since working with BT I’m pleased to say that the service has been excellent. The engineers are prompt and soon sort out any issues”.

Confidence in the future.

That confidence also extends to the future IT services that MONTGOMERY is considering. Katie adds that “we know that BT has specialist IT divisions such as BT Engage IT who we are already speaking to. Their technical expertise and advice has been first rate and it is good to know that such resource is on hand to help our own IT team”.

About the BT solution.

BT supply all 130 MONTGOMERY concessions with their calls, lines and broadband under a BT Business One Plan solution. The company has only one contract to manage along with one support number to call. BT Business One Plan also delivers free, inclusive calls between all concessions back to the head office in Chester.


  • MONTGOMERY is one of the UK’s leading soft furnishing brands, specialising in the manufacture and retail of made-to-measure and readymade curtains
  • A family business established over 50 years ago, MONTGOMERY employs more than 100 people in its workroom, design studio and sales office situated on the outskirts of Chester
  • MONTGOMERY has 130 retail concession departments within branches of Debenhams, House of Fraser and Beales department stores


  • A business with multiple suppliers, multiple bills and escalating costs
  • BT supplied calls, lines and broadband services in one solution wrap
  • Fast, reliable access to systems is key, along with confidence in BT’s ability to deliver


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