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Plan for the future with a leased line

Our new video shows how a dedicated internet connection can help you make the most of the 'data explosion'

BTnet leased lines can help you make the most of the data explosion

There's no doubt about it - we're in the middle of a data explosion. Since 2002, the number of internet users across the world has skyrocketed by over 500%. The internet usage in your business has more than likely been part of this increase, as your customers expect and demand a reliable website and internet based services.

So your internet connection is more crucial than ever. As our video mentions, there's massive opportunity in the e-commerce sector, with more and more consumers shopping online. Your business could make massive gains by getting in on the act. But it's not just e-commerce. A reliable internet connection is also vital if you're running a CRM system, streaming video, running your voice calls over your data network or regularly uploading, sending or receiving large files.

That's where a leased line can really benefit your business. Unlike standard broadband connections where you share bandwidth with others, the bandwidth on a BTnet Leased Line is exclusively yours. What's more, the speed (or "bandwidth") is guaranteed, so it doesn't slow down, even at peak times. Add the ability to flex your bandwidth up or down with just 72 hours notice, and the benefits of a leased line stack up.

And all of this is backed up by a market leading Service Level Agreement with 100% target service availability. That means that we aim to keep you connected all the time, and we're so confident in our service that we'll give you money back in the unlikely event of any down time.

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If you're interested in a leased line, check out out our Leased Line Top Tips guide to make sure you consider all the key points when choosing a supplier.


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