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Easier Wi-fi access to BT’s five million hotspots

New mobile app for BT Business Broadband customers

Posted 929 days ago

New app gives BT Wi-Fi access

Wi-fi access just got easier. BT Business Broadband customers can now access Android, Apple and RIM (BlackBerry) BT Wi-fi applications through a simplified two-step process.

Our Wi-fi app frees you from restrictive mobile data allowances and gives you unlimited internet on the move via your laptop, netbook, smartphone or tablet – for free.

Downloading the app also makes it easier to find one of our four million BT hotspots and log on. What’s more, it remembers your login details, so you only need to input them once when you install the app.

To download the app, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the appropriate applications marketplace:

    Apple App Store
    Google Play
    BlackBerry App World
  2. Download the BT Wi-fi app, input your user details and password (customers who have signed up for BT Business Broadband from October 2011 can use their BT connect address and password).

Posted 929 days ago

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