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Make the most of your mobile workforce (white paper)

How mobility solutions are helping businesses meet customer demands for better service

Mobility white paper

Imagine the scenario.  An important package is being delivered. The sender is using Sat Nav to find the quickest and most fuel-efficient route and mobile communications to keep the recipient informed of arrival time.

But this isn’t a courier working for a well-equipped corporation. This is an individual delivering a birthday present. The fact is, consumers experience the benefits of mobile technology every day. While many organisations are employing these advancements to improve their performance and meet customer demand, some businesses are yet to take full advantage of mobile technology solutions…

White Paper Executive summary.

Mobile communications have transformed our lives. But has the consumer revolution in mobile technology left some businesses behind? The benefits smart phones or mobile devices bring to consumers haven’t been translated into business services at the same pace. For customers this can represent a frustrating or incomprehensible lack of service. For businesses the failure to embrace new mobile communications solutions can render them less effective, less efficient, more expensive to run, less green and less able to look after their workers.

Fortunately mobile solutions to transform business exist. From better appointment scheduling to tracking lone workers. From cutting out tedious paperwork to helping with vehicle performance analysis.

Major telecoms players such as BT have shown just how effective the right mobile strategy can be by rolling it out to their own workforce. Now BT and others are using their experience to do the same for organisations of all sizes. Innovative software providers are developing increasingly sophisticated ways to measure, monitor and track workers and assets. And hardware producers are incorporating the best features from the consumer market and making them relevant to business services.

Download this White Paper to understand more about: 

  • The growing expectations of consumers
  • The pressures on business to consider new ways of working
  • The benefits of mobility solutions, including how you can improve customer service, ensure a safer and more productive workforce and reduce operating costs.
  • The barriers to acceptance and how businesses can overcome these.


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