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Facebook vs. Twitter

We asked our expert "which is best for business?"

Facebook vs. Twitter for business - social media

Facebook vs. Twitter: What's best for your business?

The days of brands having complete control over their image are long gone. Today, brands are at the mercy of social media. Social channels have given customers more power than ever to make or break a brand and shape what it stands for.

But with a number of social channels available, it can be hard to know where to start. Lots of businesses now have a presence on Twitter and Facebook. But if you opt to put all your eggs in one basket, what’s the best choice? We asked our Social Media Strategist, Faith Evans.

You can get your message out there with Facebook.

Faith says, Both Facebook and Twitter have their advantages. For us it’s important that our Facebook presence allows us to communicate incentives and exclusive offers, tell customers about our latest deals, and help our customers to get the best out of our products and services. It is also a great vehicle to talk to our customers about the improvements we are making and how they can help them increase their productivity.”

Twitter is top for customer service.

So although Facebook has its benefits, they’re often more sales-orientated. Twitter, on the other hand, can play a vital role in customer service.

BTs Futurologist Dr. Nicola Millard refers to Twitter as "a place for Primal Scream" in her "Serving the social customer" white paper, and that's often true, as Faith explains: “If you’ve already tried to call a company and you’ve been asked to press one for this and two for that, you’ll quickly get a negative feeling about the brand.

If you compare that to Twitter where you can publicly say, ‘I’ve had enough of your company now, I’m going to leave’ and you’re instantly contacted by someone to say ‘hang on a minute, maybe I can help you’, it’s a very different experience. In a very human way, you can be guided through to the right person to help you solve the issue and keep you updated in the process.

When you compare the two experiences, it’s a no brainer. That’s why we’re in a unique moment in time. Social media has a massive advantage over traditional channels and can provide a better experience for an online savvy audience who despise call queues and are online all the time.”

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How to look good on the social dance floor

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