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Working over Christmas? Let your technology do the hard work

Top tips for keeping up and running over the festive period

Posted 849 days ago

’Tis the season to be techie

This Christmas is being described by retailers as a ‘tablet Christmas’. That’s thanks to a massive surge in users buying Kindles, iPads and Google Nexus devices as gifts. PC World and Currys are claiming a 1,000% rise in Christmas period tablet sales this year compared to last.

However, technology at Christmas isn’t just about the latest gifts. It also makes life a lot easier for businesses. The festive season can result in more than a week of communications black-out. That can be tricky if customers need to contact you or if a problem arises.

Here's four ways technology can help you maintain customer service, whilst enjoying a festive break:

Re-direct your calls to whoever's covering
A first step is to use your communications systems to direct calls to the appropriate people over the Christmas period. You might, for example, leave a simple voicemail directing callers to a mobile number. Or you might use a more detailed IVR call handling solution to route enquiries automatically to the correct person. It’s important to make sure you have a structure in place for this and those who are ‘on call’ know they are, and those that aren’t know they are safe to disconnect and enjoy their mince pies.

Let people work from home
Everyone wants to be snuggled up next to the fire over Christmas. Do your employees really need to be in the office to stay productive? If not, let them work from home for a few days, but give them the tools to stay in touch and remain productive. Make sure home workers are connected to your company’s network both in their homes and on their mobiles, if necessary.

Connect personal devices, securely
The good news is that those tablets that are consumer gift of this year can also help your employees do their jobs more effectively. The better news is that employees are now able to use their device of choice, without compromising security. That’s thanks to the secure enablement of bring your own device (BYOD) policies. By putting the device of choice in your employees’ hands, they can respond to queries quickly using their own devices.

Leave the hard work to your comms provider
Having a technology services that operates 24/7 can give you maximum peace of mind. Making sure your networks are secure and your technology is operating as expected means that you can relax, knowing that if anything goes wrong support is on hand.

Technology has transformed Christmas for consumers with online shopping, Skype for video-calling, social media to share pictures of your mammoth Christmas turkey and eBay to dispose of those unwanted gifts afterwards (sorry, grandma!).

Now, technology also transforms work over the Christmas period. The flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, with any device, and still be able to access the tools needed to do a job, means queries can be properly directed and dealt with quickly.

Nobody wants to work over Christmas – but if something urgent crops up, it’s important to be set up to deal with it quickly and with minimum fuss.

How will your business be running over Christmas? Are you the poor soul being left to cover for your colleagues? Leave us a comment below!

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Posted 849 days ago

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