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New ways of working with fibre broadband

A fast broadband connection can transform how you work. See how in our collection of case studies, videos and white papers.


With download speeds of up to 76Mb, a fibre broadband connection simply lets you do more. From working remotely, running voice calls over the internet to using and sharing multiple applications, fibre is transforming businesses across the country. Find out more below in our videos, case studies and articles.

New ways of working with BT Business Infinity

Arts Centre saves £1,000 per year by upgrading to fibre.

With a growing customer base, Chapter Arts Centre were struggling to maintain their service levels with their slower internet connection. BT Business Infinity has allowed them to make money by keeping customers in their café longer by offering free wi-fi. They can also stream films over the internet without delay and staff can access systems in super-fast speed. View the video to find out more.

Fibre broadband helps picture manufacturer live up to its image.

With dreams of expanding to the UK, Northern Ireland based JR Annett needed to improve their efficiency. A new superfast fibre connection has enabled them to improve their website and upload images and videos in a fraction of the time they used to. Click the image to read the full article.


The Balanced Communications Diet

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In this white paper, Dr. Nicola Millard, BT futurologist explores the shift in how we prefer to communicate, and how fibre can help.


Fibre broadband infographic

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Interested in the technology behind fibre broadband? This infographic explains why it gives you faster speeds.


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